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Our mission as those called by baptism is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, to carry out God’s will through worship, to welcome those who seek to belong and to respond to those in need through lifelong formation, education, and service.


Re-dedication Celebration

MASS: February 19, 2022, at 5:00p.m.

Reception to follow!

We are taking reservations now to determine just how many to plan for. Sign-up sheets are in the back of the church ONLY. Your sign-up will include your last name and how many will be attending. This will be a family event; thus, children should be included in the count.

We welcome Fr. Jean Gonzalez

The assignment of Fr. Jean Gonzalez from Cuba, a veteran priest and pastor, to Saint Rita brings blessings and a responsibility.  In the few months that we will have Fr. Jean at St. Rita, he will be learning about the American Church.  He will also serve as our ambassador to the Cuban immigrant community whose numbers are swelling weekly as migrants to the United States settle in Louisville.  Leaders in the archdiocese are discerning where and how best to serve the Cuban community.   In my role, I will be coaching him on policies and procedures and best practices in worship and pastoral leadership for Louisville.  In other words, to show Fr. Jean “the Louisville way” which means knowing our customs.   I am supposed to make Fr. Jean familiar with the parishes, regions, schools and institutions of the Archdiocese including all of our Archdiocesan Offices.  Our expectation is that Fr. Jean will become a permanent member of the presbyterate of the Archdiocese as he seeks permanent residency in Louisville.  If he is trained adequately by June, he may be assigned as a pastor or associate pastor at a parish needing assistance.  I wish that I could keep Fr. Jean for years as our Pastoral Associate for Hispanic Ministry but that is not the current plan.  Please pray for me and our staff.  Fulfilling our responsibility to “inculturate” or expose Fr. Jean to American priesthood is a tall order in a few months.  Fr. Jean will be busy with this transition including taking classes in Advanced English.  By the end of his stay, I expect to see him celebrate the Mass in English as well as Spanish.  As a Louisville priest, he must be able to serve all parishioners Hispanic and Anglo, English-speaking and Spanish-Speaking.  Please pray for Fr. Jean and give him a warm welcome to the United States, Louisville and the Archdiocese of Louisville not as a guest but a permanent member of our presbyterate.  Fr. Jean will be staying in the rectory on the second floor.

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